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5 steps to a successful cloud migration for Next-gen ISV products

ISV (Independent Software Vendor) refers to the industry that develops and sells enterprise software utilized by end-users. The demand for ISV products globally and better cost optimization are driving cloud migration & adoption. Moving towards the Cloud seems to be the right choice for ISVs in expanding their horizons and offerings in a competitive landscape. In this blog let us discuss about 5 step approach to simplify ISV’s cloud migration journey.

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration for Next-gen ISV Products

Observe Your Environment

Observation is a significant aspect of designing and maintaining a system. It presents a unique set of challenges to monitoring infrastructure, exceptional scalability, elasticity, and execution delay. There are a lot of monitoring tools that have been designed solely for cloud monitoring.

Evaluate Your Environment

After choosing the cloud provider you will partner with. You have to access the options that other providers offer and compare. Find how they can help your business. The main factors to consider are:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Architecture
  • Manageability
  • Service Levels
  • Support
  • Costs


Cloud providers are adapting unique approaches towards cloud validation based on industry standards to provide high quality. Companies must compare challenges with solutions to provide sustained observation and governance.


Scalability is adding more aids to an existing plan to reach the desired performance. Software is also Scalability, by adding more threads, more links, or updating features in case of volume of database applications increases. This sort of scalability process in been practiced in data centers over a considerable period.


Cloud optimization is the procedure that is being adapted by most cloud providers to eliminate the wastage of cloud resources by establishing, provisioning, and resizing the resources you spend on distinct cloud features based on different factors. Optimization refers to determining the most effective way to utilize cloud resources to the fullest possible extent.

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