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Get set innovate, with nINJA
A good idea is hard to find. Turning it into reality can be even harder. Lack of time, lack of resources, company culture, long winded processes – all these could stand in the way of sending a product to market as soon as it deserves to. There’s a lot you can accomplish without these impediments, and we can help you overcome them with our Innovation-as-a-service.

The Nallas Innovation Journey Accelerator (nINJA) allows you to be nimble and resourceful with every idea you have. Whether you’re a small company in need of support or a large company in need of agility, we’ll help you bring your next idea to light, create or scale your product, or make the pivot that could be transformative for you.


Framework for ideation
& Prioritization

Pick and prioritize the ideas that promise the most value for your business objectives. nINJA’s well-defined prioritization framework does just that, by analyzing all ideas, sorting them by weight assigned to each, and mapping them to a larger organizational strategy.

Hypothesis Approach

What is the outcome of each idea likely to be? What defines success for each one? What do we want each idea to do for us? So many questions, all solved with our well-defined hypothesis templates that are deployed to define for you the expected outcome and success measures.

Product Engineering

Once you have the ideas spelt out for you, there’s no dilly-dallying required. With our engineering accelerators, pre-built cloud environments and automation tools, you can jumpstart product engineering.

Crowd Testing

We can pull together a diverse network of real-world testers who will simulate the perfect target customer segment, and they will put your idea or product through its paces with a variety of test scenarios from our test bank.

Outcome Analyser

No idea comes in isolation. With our outcome analysis template, you can see results, analyze them, and navigate your next steps.

Become as quick and fearless as a ninja.

Get your innovation game on with our nINJA, and tell us what you need.

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