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Stay stringent on quality, flexible in its assurance
In a global environment of churn and change, the New Normal has brought with it the need to adapt and transition with speed and precision. The ability to pivot and scale up or down at a moment’s notice could be the difference between stasis and success. And of course, all this needs impeccable quality assurance, to keep you going strong.

Enterprises spend more than 30% of their time in finding the right talent and onboarding them to ensure top quality. When the need to scale capacity arises, it inevitably leads to a loss of talent, knowledge and (let’s face it) time. We have a solution, and we call it QE-as-a-Service.

By handing over the reins of quality engineering to us, you get access to our domain-specific tools, test banks, accelerators, processes and testing capacity so you can operate and scale your QA freely while being completely flexible.
What do you get with our QE-as-a-Service model?
The Business Outcome Advantage of our QE-as-a-Service Model
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API and Web Services

Through test automation, we ensure comprehensive and repeated functional, regression and performance testing for API and web services.

Web and Mobile App

We provide thorough functional, regression and performance testing for web and mobile applications.

Crowd Testing

We take it to the people. By real-world testing with a cross section of people (with diversity in location, culture and markets), we rigorously test multi-user experiences to perfect your product.

Security, Performance and
Load Testing

We design and build test automations for security, performance and load testing of your applications.

Remain assured when it comes to your Quality Assurance and Engineering.

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