Who We Are

About Us!

The short answer

Nallas is a software services company creating value for every client through the effective use of technology, purposeful engagement models, and adaptive methodologies.

The slightly longer answer

Nallas consists of…

Whether you choose to read the short answer or the long, we’re on the road to new possibilities in software and digital, and we’re building it as we go along.

What We Do?

Continuous business transformation’s the name, and using the power of technology to do it is the game. What you seek may be diverse…

Looking to scale higher and faster while being flexible?

Why Nallas

There are many reasons why Nallas would be the right partner for you. Take your pick.

We’re predictable.
Predictably successful.

87% of the work we’ve done has been delivered as promised, when promised, meeting expectations if not far exceeding them. We learn from our past projects, upskill, monitor, and improve this success rate of value creation.

Value Scope

We’ve created Value Scope – a disruptive global value delivery platform that fosters collaboration and transparency to create solutions and outcomes that shine.

Transparent and
accountable culture

We’ve created an environment for constant growth and upskilling, based on instant feedback, risk mitigation, and advancement of the individual on their own and the team together.

A deep

We’re not shy about tooting our own horn when it involves singing the praises of those who make up our ranks. With exceptional delivery capabilities, they meet, maintain and outstrip industry standards with every project they undertake.

An engineering team
of 150+

Our team is spread across the world, trained in myriad traditional and breakthrough disciplines, and highly driven towards constantly creating value.

40+ satisfied

Our portfolio of clients cuts across industries from financial services, healthcare, and software to media and entertainment, and we’ve added value to the business and outcomes of every single one.

Our Guiding Principles

These principles are the north star for Nallas. They embody how we function, define our work ethic and culture, and enable us to consistently deliver exceptional value to all our partners.


From our adherence to value was born the global delivery platform that helps us deliver so much more, that much quicker. With this, we bring together technology, processes, people, and culture to undertake assignments in an engaging and transparent manner.

Glass Wall
You have complete visibility on progress against the desired outcomes, key risks, mitigation plans and quality trends with our real-time transparent scoreboards.
Business Outcome Tracker
Delivered business outcomes ≥ Promised business outcomes To get there, we use ValueScope to constantly monitor every engagement at every point in the project. For you – you always know where you stand. For us – We constantly keep learning, improving, and pushing ourselves to deliver.
Risk Meter
There will always be some risks associated with engagements, but ValueScope ensures they’ll never be a surprise. Our AI/ML-powered engine predicts and tracks these risks, and provides a real-time view of mitigations, action owners, and follow-ups.
Self-Governing Teams
Every one of our teams is empowered to keep pivoting in a way that they stay relevant to business outcomes and deliver the highest value.
Self-Disruptive Hackathons
Think of these quarterly events as an internal appraisal and revamp of our own systems. We identify obsolete routines, build rapid automation solutions for them, and engineer innovative new ways to reach your project goals.
Solution Accelerators and Reusable Frameworks
Your project will never need to start from scratch. With Value Scope’s pre-built tools and components, we are instantly enabled to jump-start engagements and increase the speed of value creation.
Instant Feedback Pal
There’s very little room for error in the work we do and with the way we instantly and constantly provide feedback, there’s very little scope for making those errors. We nip risks in the bud while constantly being given room to learn, grow, and succeed.
Learning Communities
There’s a lot we can learn from each other. We’ve created virtual communities based on technologies, domains, and practice areas for our teams to share knowledge and drive best practices.
Career Score Platform
While we build for you, we build from within. Our unified career platform provides a 360-degree view of every associate, from technical skills and domain expertise to achievements and areas for improvement. This lets every Nallas member forge the best path for themselves.

Our Partners & Technical Expertise